There are a lot of very nice people in Iowa and, the whole Midwest for that matter. But that doesn't mean we can't still be agitated by certain comments, perceptions, and, of course, stereotypes.

For many who live outside of Iowa, it can be somewhat easy to make generalizations. We're generally portrayed as farmers and all drive tractors in movies and TV shows. We are often thought to be all living out in rural communities, and we're sometimes completely missed by anyone asked where the state is on a map.

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With the knowledge of being a lifelong Midwesterner, and married to a native Iowan, I've come up with a list of the top 5 ways you can tick off a native Iowan. Things someone could say, or imply, to drive anyone from the Hawkeye State who's full of Iowa pride into an (Iowa nice-ish) rage.

Now you should know, I am a native Minnesotan, but have lived in Iowa for almost ten years of my life, and I've bounced around the state quite a bit during that time. I've gotten to know many native Iowans and Iowa transplants during that time. So I feel the info I have here is pretty accurate.

Photo Credit: Cedar Rapids, ThinkStock.
Photo Credit: Cedar Rapids, ThinkStock.

See if you agree with my list and if you think there's anything else that could be added, or replace with one of the current items on the list.

Let's jump in!

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