Though far smaller in service and scope than its nearby counterparts in Cedar Rapids or Moline, the Dubuque Regional Airport has remained an important hub for Iowa travelers. Beginning on September 7, 2022, KCRG says this airport will begin to serve one less group of travelers, as it will lose American Airlines.

American Airlines has made the difficult decision and is discontinuing service in Dubuque as a result of the national pilot shortage, said Todd Dalsing, the Dubuque Regional Airport Director.

If you had plans to fly with American Airlines through Dubuque after Sept. 7, Dalsing says the airline is reaching out to customers to offer alternative travel arrangements. According to KCRG, American Airlines stated they are extremely grateful for the team members who served their customers in Dubuque and are working closely with them during this transition.

If Dubuque Regional Airport hopes to offer commercial flight service in the future, it will likely have to find a new partner, as American was its only commercial partner. The Dubuque Telegraph-Herald noted that in 2020, the pandemic forced American to suspend service to Dubuque. This week's announcement is a full-on withdrawal from service to the DBQ airport, according to Dalsing. He says the airport is not closed, and several functions will continue.

We host numerous events such as the July 3rd Airshow, Major League Baseball (Field of Dreams game travel), North American Trainers Association, Experimental Aircraft Association and Honor Flights. We still have Sun Country Airlines destinational charters, and we continue to meet with legacy and low-cost carriers

American is also dropping service to Islip and Ithaca in New York as well as Toledo, Ohio, according to USA Today. Dalsing says experts predict the pilot shortage to last for several years.

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