Man times change FAST, don't they? Anyone who travels to Cedar Falls from out of town HAS to hit Main. It's got local shops, restaurants and tons of nightlife. But, just a few short years ago, many of the storefronts and restaurants you see each time you visit weren't there. While change happens and sadly, businesses do fail, what's really interesting is how many businesses have changed since just 2020 - also known as the year COVID started.

A LOT has changed in just a few years

To find the photos, I hoped in my Delorian - AKA Google, and scouted photos their Streetview team has taken over the years. With a town the size of Cedar Falls, the Google crew has game back yearly since 2018, and first started coming by in 2009. I certainly won't use all the photos I found as some years, nothing changes. But I do want to show you just how much things have changed, especially over the past 10 years.

As hinted at above, what's almost most shocked is how much changed between early 2020 and 2022. Now we know why: COVID. But to see just what changed and the impacts the pandemic has had is pretty crazy. What's nice is that new businesses have appeared in place of the old ones, avoiding abandoned businesses just hanging around.

It's also worth pointing out if this photo gallery is updated in 2023, or even late 2022, there will be MORE new businesses like Raygun open on Main. They're set to open this spring.

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There's a lot that's changed, so let's jump on in!

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