Technology and tradition unite to give Cedar Rapids its St. Patrick's Day party, one way or the other.

It started with the parade, then the recommendation for bars and restaurants to shut down for St. Patrick's Day. We've now gotten word that Governor Kim Reynolds has issued a Public Health Disaster Emergency in the state of Iowa that went into effect at noon on Tuesday. Bars, restaurants, gyms, fitness centers, movie theaters, casinos and more are mandatorily being shut down to reduce the threat of community spread of Coronavirus.

Our recreational opportunities are taking a hit, as well as the revenue of many of these establishments for at least the next couple of weeks. There is still a chance for you to celebrate by watching a popular local band perform tonight. Open this Facebook page tonight to view a live concert featuring Wylde Nept starting at 8 p.m. from the comfort of your living room.

The event is being promoted by Wired Entertainment, whose President and CEO Ron Rauch said, "we are working to make sure that our community is not lost in this pandemic. Our community is our strength. They count on live music and small business collaboration. That’s exactly what we’re able to provide them with this live streaming event tonight"

Let's enjoy this show together in spirit, even if we can't enjoy it together in body. We'll make it.

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