Even in the bizarre world we live in today, it is more than a bit ironic that on the first weekend that some non essential businesses slowly begin reopening, Iowa sets a new high in the number of daily coronavirus cases recorded so far.

On Friday small businesses in 77 Iowa counties have begun to welcome customers back, with limits of course.

Restaurants will be seating at 50% capacity, some stores will limit the number of shoppers, while salons and barbers may require mandatory mask for patrons.

It's all new to us, and as we traverse this unfamiliar landscape of peaks and valleys, we are constantly reminded that never before has anyone alive today really experienced something as transformational as this.

We're trying our best to balance the concern for the health and safety of all, with the need to resume earning a living. The friction we are seeing is inevitable. As many out-of-work Americans protest, others work to protect those rights to protest.

There are no easy answers and no simple solutions in any of this. But no matter what, we can still strive to maintain a level of dignity and decorum, and to practice tolerance.

If we do our best to see and hear where both sides are coming from, we have a better chance of not losing our compassion, our livelihoods, or our lives.

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