The time has come to get rid of the outdated law requiring cash deposits on bottles and can to prevent people from wasting them by tossing them into the trash.

With regular recycling now a common practice in most Iowa communities, isn't it time to eliminate this unnecessary ritual and costly crutch?

I say YES.

It now seems that others agree, including some of our Iowa legislators. Today CBS2 News reported that "under a new proposal, [deposits] would be eliminated. Instead, distributors would be charged one cent per beverage container until $60 million is raised to help establish recycling and litter control programs. Grants and low-interest loans would be given to residential recycling programs for start-up or transition costs.

CBS2 News adds that the bill will be debated in full committee on Wednesday. I suggest calling your legislator and telling them you support this plan.

[source: CBS2 News]

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