This Monday, September 18th, is National Cheeseburger day! Every once in awhile, I like a good I want to know, what's your favorite cheeseburger in the Corridor?

I remember having cheeseburgers at The Starlite Room in Cedar Rapids with Bob Brooks for many years and they're always delicious. Red's in North Liberty brings it, and how about Short's in Iowa City?

We could get even more deep with this...are you a griddle or a grill person? I'd rather have the char of the grill, but if you pull off the griddle cheeseburger, that's gold! But only if you roll with Sharp Cheddar cheese. Speaking of which, are you down with American or Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss?

What's your favorite cheeseburger joint? Hit us up on the Townsquare Media Facebook pages and we can discuss!


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