There are some that only need one name.  Cher, for example.  Prince.  Madonna.  Geraldo.  Here in eastern Iowa, we have Shark!  He’s your afternoon delight on the KRNA airwaves.  He’s the Program Director, the man in charge, the head honcho, the big cheese, the top dog… and he’s a little goofy.

I walked into Shark’s office this week and saw his latest act of randomness.  You would think the PD for KRNA would have posters, gold records and other music memorabilia hanging on the walls.  Shark, for reasons only known to him, had a new poster called “Iowa’s County Courthouses”.  Yes, a 24” x 36” poster featuring all 100 courthouses in the state.

For the record, the Jackson County Courthouse in my hometown of Maquoketa is probably in the bottom third when ranking the most impressive courthouses in the state.

KRNA's Shark in his office next to his random poster of Iowa courthouses