Governor Kim Reynolds addressed a crowd at the state capitol building at a National Day of Prayer event yesterday.

While discussing the pressing issue of abortion and its status nationally, she said she’s hopeful that the U.S. Supreme Court is ready to 'undo its fatal mistake' regarding Roe V. Wade and that the possibility of it being overturned is a 'glimmer of light,' according to the Des Moines Register.

She added this to the crowd in attendance:

It's clear that the justices are facing tremendous pressure to compromise on the truth. So today, they need our prayers now more than ever, and let's not rest until our morals and our society recognize that all human beings are precious, no matter how small.

If the Supreme Court is to strike down Roe V. Wade, she made it apparent that the state legislature will soon have it in the works to outlaw abortion in the state of Iowa.

Not only that, KCRG adds this: "She said there are 'a lot of things' already in the works regarding abortion at the statehouse."

The Register points to two things that Reynolds is likely referencing when she says things are already in the works:

1. Iowa's Supreme Court is currently hearing a case that could revisit the 2018 decision by a district judge that determined Iowa's state constitution upholds the right to abortion. The Register says the case "has the potential to give Iowa's Republican trifecta more leeway to restrict abortion rights."

2. An amendment to the Iowa Consitution has been proposed that would specify that it does not guarantee abortion rights to Iowans. The amendment is House Joint Resolution 5. The amendment process would take two more years at least.

The Register adds this in regards to Reynolds' address to the media:

"Asked Thursday whether she supports any exceptions to abortion restrictions, she said she's 'going to do everything I can to protect the unborn.'"

She continued:

I'm proud of my record in doing just that and will continue to do everything I can to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

As of now, Iowans seeking abortion are protected under the state's constitution and would be able to receive safe abortions.

Governor Reynolds added that she does not currently have plans to call for a special legislative session to pass anti-abortion legislation in 2022, pending the court cases.

In regards to that, she said:

Let's take one thing at a time,

likely referencing the wait on the Supreme Court case.

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