Okay, I understand teaching kids responsibility and trying to make them understand that consequences have actions, but this is just dumb.

According to News 4 Jax, following the distribution of the diplomas at Palatka High School in Miami, Florida, one student, Zavier Valencia, decided he was going to get in one final prank. He walked back up to the stage and attempted to pie his principle in the face. However, the principal has some pretty quick reflexes and was able to get his hands up in time. But Zavier was still arrested! At the ceremony!

He is now facing a third-degree FELONY charge for battery on an education employee and a second-degree charge of disrupting the peace during a school assembly.

Now, maybe they do things a little bit differently down there in Miami, but arrested with felony charges? Because of a pie to the face?! Come on.

Luckily (or should I say thankfully), Zavier received his diploma prior to being arrested so he's got that going for him.

I for one, sincerely hope that these charges are dropped. I mean the principal was laughing about it not even 3 minutes later at the podium.

Bottom line: It was a prank. It was meant to be funny. There was no harm done. Let it go and don't let it ruin a future that just started.

[Source: News 4 Jax]

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