It didn't take six degrees or even six counties to separate actor/artist Kevin Bacon from Iowans this past Monday.

The Hollywood star was spotted hangin' in the Quad Cities on Monday with his brother Michael and his band the Bacon Brothers laying down tracks at one of the Midwest's trendiest recording studios, Daytrotter.

The jam session was posted live on Facebook and has been viewed over 30,000 times.

If you've never heard of Daytrotter, you may be surprised to hear the long list of artists and performers who have recorded and worked there. It's website is packed with music videos, many with an indie vibe that's not just a smoke screen - these guys really DO travel a different path from most musicians and performers.

While Daytrotter has become well-known in Hipster circles for it's website packed with a wide variety of musical artists and performances, it's also as well known for it's Horseshack Studio and concert venue at 324 Brady St in downtown Davenport.

Its a combination of high professionalism and low pretentiousness. Gritty and great is how some describe it.

How good is it? Ask Kevin - he's a repeat customer - he and his band played there in 2016. But like minstrels of olden days, the traveling musicians have already moved on. The Bacon Brothers band continued it's musical journey into St. Louis on Tuesday.

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