If you're a child that has to put ketchup on literally everything, there's finally a candy cane you might like.

Archie McPhee, a Seatlle-based novelty shop is making ketchup-flavored candy canes. They're selling them for $6.50 a box, which contains 6 ketchup candy canes, and they're available on their website.

It’s America’s favorite condiment, but for Christmas! Do you know what makes mediocre food edible? Ketchup! So, just imagine how a ketchup-flavored candy cane can take your holiday from meh to magnificent. This set of six candy canes really does taste like sweet, tomatoey ketchup. Ketchup Candy Canes are here to save Christmas from being dry and tasteless! Each candy cane is 5-1/4" tall with red and white stripes.

If ketchup candy canes aren't your thing, maybe you'll enjoy their Pho or Shiitake flavored mushroom-flavored candy canes.

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