As the Bills and Dolphins game came to a finish, the Bills were in a race against the clock to get within field goal range to comeback from their 19-21 deficit against the Dolphins.

The team was within one play of making it to field goal range, but the clock ran out before they could make that play, giving the Dolphins the third win of their 3-0 season.

During the broadcast, the camera swapped to show the coaching staff in their booth, showing the Offensive Coordinator for the Bills, Ken Dorsey, viewing the final seconds of the game.

See if you can spot the moment the clock hits zero, and the Bills officially lost the game.

Dorsey started by throwing his headset, then started grabbing anything within reach and slamming it into the table before the camera is covered by a stack of papers he threw.

Meanwhile, the other staff in the booth watched on for a moment before returning their attention to the field:

Field Yates via Twitter
Field Yates via Twitter

For Week 3, the NFL issued a statement, saying that the destruction of tablets is not acceptable - which came after Tom Brady broke a tablet during the game against the Saints, which he did last season as well.

The throwing of tablets has become somewhat common,


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