Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill thinks the band's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame appearance could be a catalyst for reconciliation with former guitarist K.K. Downing — or it could further tarnish their already-fraught relationship. The British metal giants will enter the Rock Hall next month as recipients of the Musical Excellence Award.

Downing, former drummer Les Binks and late drummer Dave Holland will all be inducted alongside several of the band's active members, and Downing recently confirmed to UCR that he will join Judas Priest onstage during their performance at the Nov. 5 induction ceremony.

Could this performance lead to a reunion with Downing, who left Judas Priest in 2011, citing "an ongoing breakdown in working relationships between myself and elements of the band and management for some time"? "I think time is not on our side for that, you know?" Hill told the Detroit Metro Times.

"Never say never, put it like that. [Downing's] gonna be there at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame anyway. He's gonna get up and play some songs with us there. It might kick-start something, I don't know. On the other hand, he might pull us all apart."

Causing a rift sounds like the furthest thing from Downing's mind at the moment. "It's what I've done so many times," the guitarist told UCR of getting onstage with his old band. "It's almost like cracking a beer, let alone riding a bike. It's embedded in me. It's what I do. So it'll be quite something to look forward to, just to get up there and crank the amps up and just do it once again, for that short moment in time."

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