Earlier this year, Judas Priest finally had their name called for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they are going in as recipients of the Musical Excellence Award. While there are typically music performances associated with those earning induction by the Rock Hall's voting body, it's not as clear where those receiving the special honors are concerned, but thanks to drummer Scott Travis, we now know that Priest are planning a performance.

Travis was a guest on the Rocker Morning Show with Mark Frankhouse for 107.7 RKR in Kalamazoo, Michigan (heard below), where he discussed the upcoming induction ceremony.

"Naturally, it's a super honor. I always felt that Priest would get in eventually, only because you can't have something called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not have Judas Priest in it. So there were a couple of events prior to this year where we were nominated — I think that's the right word; I'm not sure — but we were in the running. And we didn't quite get in, but I was always confident," says Travis. "Priest will get in eventually, and same thing with some of the bands that aren't in yet — they will get in. But yeah, it's a super honor. And there's nothing else you can say about it, really. It's pretty cool."

As for whether or not we'll see a musical representation, Travis divulged, "Yeah, we are. They give you a limited amount of time 'cause there's obviously lots of artists that are gonna be performing. So they gave us a set amount of time to perform. And we decided we're gonna try and work in a medley and do some of the Priest classics and put 'em all into a medley, which we've never done before. So it should be interesting."

Priest will go into the Rock Hall on Nov. 5, joining their fellow inductees at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

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