Most people know the name John Hinckley as the guy who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan, shooting him as he exited the Washington Hilton Hotel in 1981, but he's doing his best to try and change his legacy.

President Ronald Reagan Waves To Onlookers Moments Before An Assassination Attempt By Jo
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Released from a Virginia psychological hospital in 2016, he went a few years under supervision until this last year he was released unconditionally by the courts.

He created a YouTube channel, where he shares the typical covers of songs like “Blowing in the Wind" by Bob Dylan and Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love." What's brought the most attention to his channel is his original music.

One song called "Majesty of Love" takes a deep dive into the meaning of love, singing when "every couple settles down, goodness will be found,” and “before the negativity, there’s still you and me.”

Hinckley was released from the facility he was housed in back in 2018, to the custody of his mother in Virginia.

He says he's struggling in his dating life, which is super weird for a guy who shot a sitting president in order to get the attention of a 19-year-old actress. Hinckley's treatment team discussed the possibility of online dating, but some members of the team said it was "far too risky" for him to do so. Imagine scrolling through Tinder and seeing that guy.

One comment that stood out from the rest in one of his videos said "You may have missed with Reagan but this one’s a hit."

Now, Hinckley's starting to book shows, because his YouTube audience of 26,000 subscribers deserves to see him live.

He's booked a show at the Market Hotel in New York City, and according to their website, all 450 tickets for his July 8th show are sold. So, he's officially a sell-out artist.

Tickets were on sale for the show at $20 a pop.

By the way, Hinckley has announced he's created a record label, called Emporia Records. The first signed artist is, of course, himself, with a 14-track CD of his own original songs.

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