Back in October, Jimmy Fallon injured his hand again after a fall, as he got sliced on broken glass from an alcohol bottle.  According to the New York Post, it was his 3rd injury in about 4 months, which seems right.  And if I'm not mistaken, they were all alcohol related.  I have to say, I feel the same as many are reporting: Does Jimmy Fallon have an alcohol problem?

I for one will say I love the Tonight Show. I'll admit, when Fallon first hit the late night circuit, he was timid, and I wasn't sure it was going to work. But he proved everyone with concerns wrong, as he has really grown into his own.  (Did you see the "Hotline Bling"/Bob Dylan cover last night?)  Almost every day, another of his segments goes viral.  The show is inspiring and refreshing.  However, I've also noticed things have slightly changed, mainly in Jimmy's demeanor.

I get sarcasm and humor, and honestly use it a lot.  But over the holidays, I saw one of the kid inventor segments, as he told more than one kid something along the lines of "your done, this is my show".  Just the way it came off took me aback, and kind of startled the kid.  Since then, I've noticed this response to others, especially audience members, happens more frequently.  Perhaps it's just the simple "New York attitude" coming out. Perhaps it's a part of his schtick I never noticed before. Or, is it something else? Is it partially the alcohol?  Jimmy used to be very kind, almost too shy/nice.  Has fame gotten to him in more than one way?  Is his ego getting too big?

From the outside, it seems the alcohol argument could have some merit. While I don't want to believe it, as I am a big fan of Jimmy, I have to say I'm worried. Even his friends are admitting it might be a problem. Today, NBC bosses came forth to FINALLY (2 months later) address the rumors.  To me, just the act of addressing it, even to say that they are just rumors, admits something is going on.

Don't get me wrong, he's a fun guy. And he certainly knows how to have a good time, and deserves that.  But everything should be done in moderation, and there just seems to be too many instance. We just hope if something is wrong, he does get help before it's too late.  Fame and fortune can be a beast to bear, and some struggle more than others.

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