Jim Henson is known for his creation of a multi-generational brand that has lasted nearly 50 years.

Before "The Muppets," Henson worked on some commercials for Wilkins Coffee, starting in the 1950's. He created two characters, one of whom looks and sounds to be an early version of Kermit the Frog.

The commercials have recently gotten attention after they were re-uploaded to the internet, going viral nearly immediately.

Wilkins' commercials feature two puppets, the Kermit lookalike loving the coffee, and what looks like a blob with a mouth either not liking the drink, or not having heard of it.

They're quite hilarious.

Kermit himself appeared in some commercials Henson created for Claussen's Bread as well, which follows the same format.

Most of the Henson shows are available to stream now on Disney+, so it seems people have been digging into the guy's work to see the full view of the genius's career.

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