Let's just say, I had a very CRAZY weekend. I turned 41, attended a concert, went to several parties, and WRESTLED A COUPLE OF MIDGETS. That's right, I got in the ring with some Extreme Midget Wrestlers.....Not my best idea.

The midgets were in Coralville for another fun night of Extreme Midget Wrestling. For the second straight year, McGrath Hawkeye Harley-Davidson hosted "The baddest little show on Earth!"

I was at the show representing 94.1 KRNA. My ONLY job that night was to mingle with the crowd and act as the the official ring announcer. I should have just left it at that....but I didn't. I decided to get involved with "the show," and things went south in a hurry.

Check out the video below of my first and LAST professional wrestling match. I'm retired....and I'm also very sore.

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