We're just one week away from Super Bowl 51 and I'm getting pretty excited! I love getting together with my friends every year to watch the big game. This year, I'm planning on attending a party that my friend Doug is having. We aren't the best of friends, but he's providing free beer....I'd be a fool to miss it.

The halftime show this year will feature Lady Gaga. If you ask me, they couldn't have picked a worse act to entertain us on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm guessing her show will be an over-the-top monstrosity of crappy lip-synched music.

If I was in charge of picking the halftime entertainment, I'd go with Iron Maiden. The band has been around since 1975 have and sold over 90 million records worldwide. Iron Maiden are one of the most successful bands in heavy metal history.

How cool would it be to have a Bruce Dickinson belting out "Run to the Hills" in front of the entire world, on the biggest stage of the year. People would love it! Finally, a metal band at the Super Bowl. The fans would be dancing in the seats.

Well, we know this could never happen. But it would be pretty darn cool if it did. If you had your choice, who would you pick to play Super Bowl 51? Comment below and we'll discuss your answers on The KRNA Morning Show!


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