In a word, it was awful.

I came down with COVID-19 right after the 4th of July. I hit me the night of July 6th and knew something was wrong. I was sick and it was a feeling I had never felt before. I knew without taking a test, I had COVID-19.

The signs were all there: fever, body aches, headache, dizziness and a lost of taste and smell. Thankfully, all of the signs showed up right away and I was able to self isolate and not leave my house for 2 weeks.

I was scheduled a test one day after I started feeling sick. I went to Unity Point on the Westside of Cedar Rapids. I took my test and they told me I would get the results back in 24-48 hours. They were wrong, I didn't get my results back for 5 days.

But really, I didn't need the results of the test. I knew I was sick. The body aches were by far the worst. I couldn't get out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. My fever also kicked in, and I was so cold one day I took 8 showers just to warm my body up.

I was a mess.

And it didn't get better for about 7 days. My headaches wouldn't go away, my fever got worse, and I was scared to go to sleep at night. I didn't know if I was going to wake up. I was very scared, this was something I'd never been through before.

I took my test on Tuesday and got the positive result on Friday afternoon. The doctor who called me was very short. "You got it," he said. "There is nothing we can do for you. Stay home and don't go around anybody."

I lost about 13 pounds during my illness. I couldn't eat, all I did for several days was drink water. I was a mess and it was an awful feeling.

Eventually my fever broke and I started to slowly feel like a human once again. I was still very tried, but I was thankful the body aches and head aches finally went away.

When I started feeling better, I started eating again and got my energy back. It was a great feeling that I will never forget. I made a video that you can check out right here.

The CDC said I was clear about 13 days later, but I still didn't feel comfortable going out in public. I felt like a leper, I felt pretty gross.

When I finally did leave my house, people treated me differently. It was obvious that certain folks didn't want to get near me. And I don't blame them.... I had just had come down with the worse virus in the last 50 years, I get it.

I'm good now, but life is still very different. When I'm gone from the house for a long period of time, I feel I need to go home. Something just feels weird.

Did I get institutionalized after the two week isolation? I'm not sure, but I still feel a little weird even though my health is back to normal.

In wrap up, I don't wish this on my worst enemy. It was pure hell and I hope none of you ever get it.

Stay safe, and wash your hands my friends.

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