Do you remember the first concert you attended as a kid? For me it was Poison, way back in 1990. I was in the 8th mullet was grown out and I wore a black leather jacket. The opening band was Warrant, fresh off the release of their hit album, "Cherry Pie."

Our parents insisted they drive us to the venue. It was about two hours away. I grew up in a town similar to Mayberry. We didn't have traffic light, let alone a concert venue. Dad was driving, so no drinking prior to the show.

Warrant kicked the night off with the title track from their new album. The arena went crazy, as the late Jani Lane belted out the words to "Cherry Pie." They played for about forty-five minutes and exited the stage. They killed it, but now it was time for the headliners.

Poison was huge back in 1990. All the girls loved Bret Michaels, and there were plenty in attendance that night. The big song that year was "Unskinny Bop." The place went bonkers when they played it. When it was over, they played it again! I've never seen a band do that since that concert in 1990. It was weird, but kind of cool in a way.

After the show, my three friends and I all purchased a concert shirt. We all bought the SAME SHIRT. We thought we looked pretty cool the next day at school...but looking back, I think we looked more like a pack of super nerds.

I cut the mullet years later, but I still love the "Old School" rock. Tell me about your first concert experience. We can compare answers on The 94.1 KRNA Morning Show!