Nuclear Blast

Are you still contemplating what your Halloween costume will be this year? Well, I'm here to help! I put together a list of my Top 5 Halloween "Rock Star" Costume Ideas. If you would like to add to my list, please comment below. We can discuss your answers on The KRNA Morning Show!

  • Jim Dyson, Getty Images

    Gene Simmons

    Picking any KISS character is always fun for Halloween. I've tried Ace and Peter, but never Gene. It's important to have a long tounge if you are attempting to mimic "The Demon" this Halloween.

  • Jo Hale, Getty Images

    Clown From Slipknot

    This is a fun costume and the timing is perfect! Clowns have been all over the media as of late... And let's not forget the band is from Des Moines, so that's cool!

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    King Diamond

    This dude has always scared the crap out of me! You might need a makeup artist to help you with this one. Check out some of his music - it's killer. A perfect soundtrack for Halloween!

  • Photo by: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

    Ghost (Band)

    These guys just played The Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids. I had FREE tickets, but I was too scared to attend the show! I'm convinced they have some kind of weird deal with Satan himself. But it would be a pretty cool costume for you and your friends.

  • Mary Ouellette,

    Alice Cooper

    My #1 had to be Alice Cooper! I've always loved his look and it's an easy one to pull off. A little makeup around the eyes, some cool threads and you're all set. A top hat and cane can be added for the full effect.