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Are you still contemplating what your Halloween costume will be this year? Well, I'm here to help! I put together a list of my Top 5 Halloween "Rock Star" Costume Ideas. If you would like to add to my list, please comment below. We can discuss your answers on The KRNA Morning Show!

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    Gene Simmons

    Picking any KISS character is always fun for Halloween. I've tried Ace and Peter, but never Gene. It's important to have a long tounge if you are attempting to mimic "The Demon" this Halloween.

    Jim Dyson, Getty Images
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    Clown From Slipknot

    This is a fun costume and the timing is perfect! Clowns have been all over the media as of late... And let's not forget the band is from Des Moines, so that's cool!

    Jo Hale, Getty Images
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    King Diamond

    This dude has always scared the crap out of me! You might need a makeup artist to help you with this one. Check out some of his music - it's killer. A perfect soundtrack for Halloween!

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    Ghost (Band)

    These guys just played The Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids. I had FREE tickets, but I was too scared to attend the show! I'm convinced they have some kind of weird deal with Satan himself. But it would be a pretty cool costume for you and your friends.

    Photo by: Buda Mendes/Getty Images
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    Alice Cooper

    My #1 had to be Alice Cooper! I've always loved his look and it's an easy one to pull off. A little makeup around the eyes, some cool threads and you're all set. A top hat and cane can be added for the full effect.

    Mary Ouellette,