One lucky Iowan has a pretty big bonus they get to look forward to every year as someone has won big. In an Iowa lottery press release, it was announced that a winning lottery ticket was purchased at a convenience store in Black Hawk County this past Sunday and the lucky winner gets to claim $25,000 a year for the rest of their life.

The game being played was called Lucky for Life and for this Iowan it paid off. How awesome would it be to get $25,000 for simply staying alive? That'd be a pretty easy way to pay off some bills and take a sweet vacation. You can't quit working with only $25,000 a year but you can surely have a pretty great safety blanket. Just staying alive for 10 years would get you a quarter of a million dollars. Pretty sweet gig if you ask me.

This isn't the first time this game has paid out either. About 1 month ago a man from Davenport won the exact same prize. I've never bought a ticket or tried to play the game so I can't really complain about not winning but I might have to start buying some.

Iowa Lottery

The press release said that the ticket that was purchased matched the first 5 numbers but missed the last number and took home the second prize of $25,000 for life. This ticket was purchased at Git N Go Convenience Store at 124 Wood St. in Hudson. I hope the winner remembers the cashier who pulled the ticket for them and gives them a nice gesture when they collect their yearly winnings.

Iowa has done pretty well as a whole when it comes to the Lucky for Life lottery as it's had 15 winners since the game began in 2016. In 7 years that's a little over 2 winners per year.

In the press release, the winning numbers were 11-27-37-38-48 with the Lucky Ball being 16. The Git N Go will also get a reward of $500 for selling the winning ticket. If you purchase a ticket that matches all 6 numbers you would win the top prize of $1,000 a day for life. The Iowa lottery started in 1985 and people have won a little over 5 billion dollars in prize money and the lottery has raised over 2 billion dollars for state programs.

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