The entire world just saw a whole new side to one Iowa native...and that side was his backside.

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On November 9th, 2022 the world was changed forever...

Actually, it was just like any old Wednesday in Hollywood if we're being honest.

Iowa native and actor Jason Momoa has been going off to do the media circuit for his newest movie 'Slumberland.' The film is expected to drop on Netflix on November 18th.

We've been seeing MORE of Momoa a whole lot recently. He went viral a few weeks ago for an instance of him showing off the assets on a fishing trip. Kimmel confronted the actor on these fishing trip pictures that came out during his visit.

He was wearing a traditional Hawaiian Malo that Momoa says he wears "all the time" and is incredibly comfortable. The former Iowa resident said that it's actually part of his costume for a show he's doing on Apple TV.

You can read more about the initial incident here!

"I actually don't like wearing clothes anymore," the Aquaman star confessed to Jimmy Kimmel.

The curious late night host continued to ask where else would he wear this garb.

The supermarket? No.

The movies? No.

Then he playfully asked the native Hawaiian if he was wearing it underneath his clothes, right then and there. Turns out he was! Before Kimmel could get the next question out, Aquaman himself was stripping off his clothes to show the Malo underneath.

If you were just tuning in at that point and missed the entire context of the conversation, you'd think this would be something straight out of Magic Mike. Not only did the impromptu strip tease get the audience rowdy, but Jimmy Kimmel was giggling and blushing at his desk at the sight.

When Momoa bent down to pull his pants back up, Kimmel cracked.

"Wow!" the host laughs, "Let me tell you, I've never felt more like Danny Devito than I do right now!"

You can watch the full video down below!

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