The Iowa Hawkeyes women's basketball team continues to make school history and whoever is in charge of keeping track of these records has had a busy year.

Whether the school record books are being changed because of head coach Lisa Bluder, star player Caitlin Clark, or the team, this has been one of the most successful seasons for an Iowa Hawkeye women's basketball team. Regardless of what happens in Iowa's matchup against LSU in the Elite 8 tonight (April 1), this Iowa team will go down as one of the best to ever play at the University of Iowa.

Whether the Hawkeyes win an NCAA championship or not, when it comes to wins in a season, this team has more than any previous team in school history.

Colorado v Iowa
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Record Breaking Season

After the Iowa Hawkeyes beat Colorado in the Sweet 16, they earned their 32 victory of the season. According to KCRG, this victory marked a program record for the most wins in a single season in school history. The Hawkeyes have made it to the Elite 8, 3 times in the past 5 years, and the players give a lot of the credit to their Head coach.

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Sophomore, Hannah Stuelke, spoke about Lisa's ability to adapt. She said

"I think she’s really good at adapting to the players she has, whether if it was with Megan [Gustafson], they ran a different offense. Now with Caitlin, we run a different offense. Even the switch between me and Monika [Czinano], we run a little bit different."

There's no denying how good this year's Hawkeye team has played. They won the Big 10 title, they earned a number 1 seed in the NCAAW tournament, and they've earned the right to play against LSU for a chance to reach the Final 4 in back-to-back years.

This is the second time in the program's history they've reached a 30+ win season. According to KCRG, Associate Head Coach, Jan Jenson, wants that 33rd win. She said

"I always think back to my younger coaching days. When I was sitting and watching teams who were at this level and seeing the 30 wins and thinking ‘Woah. Now that you’re here, I don’t sit there and maybe have that sense of wonder or awe, but I think it’s just a lot more gratitude that we stuck with it. We’ve been able to track some really good kids and get to a point in our careers, especially for Lisa. I’ve long said she’s one of the good guys in this business."

Last year, Iowa and LSU played against one another for the NCAAW college basketball championship. That game broke records for women's basketball at close to 10 million viewers. I have a feeling tonight's rematch game will be watched by close to the same amount of people.

Take a trip down memory lane and check out some of our favorite photos from Hawkeye's incredible run during the tournament last year!

Our Favorite Photos From Iowa's Run to the NCAA Championship Game

The 2022-23 Iowa women's basketball season started on November 7 and concluded in the NCAA Championship Game against LSU on Sunday, April 2. Iowa went 31-7 and will be remembered forever for their five NCAA Tournament wins. Here are our favorite photos from the tournament.

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Iowa Final Four vs. South Carolina

On March 31, 2023, the 3rd-ranked Iowa women's basketball team played top-ranked, and undefeated South Carolina in the Final Four in Dallas, Texas. South Carolina had won 42 in a row. It would end with Iowa defeating South Carolina 77-73.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images