September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Big Grove Brewery has a new beer with some giant meaning behind it. A 6-year-old boy from Monticello, Austin Smith, died of a rare form of brain cancer back in 2016, and Big Grove Brewery wants to honor and remember him.

This isn't the only way Austin Smith has been honored this week either. Yesterday (9-8-22), an all-inclusive playground was opened in Monticello for children of all ages and abilities, called the Austin Smith Playground, as he was a young boy who liked to run and play.

According to KCRG, Big Grove Brewery now has a wheat beer, called Golden Boy.

Austin's Dad, Britt Smith, spoke to KCRG, and he's thankful for the awareness Big Grove is bringing to the family's cause.

It’s been able to bring a new level of awareness to people that we are hopeful to continue to follow our cause and fight for everything we’ve been fighting for.

Some of the proceeds made from Golden Boy will go towards the Austin Strong Foundation, which was started by Austin's parents and dedicated to his memory. The Foundation wants to raise awareness and money to support childhood cancer research.

Big Grove wanted to create something easy to drink, light, and approachable for as many people as possible. Personally, I think that was a really smart idea. While some people enjoy strong IPAs or beers that are really hoppy, those can scare some people away. Creating a lighter style of beer will surely have more people willing to try one and raise more money for this important foundation.


What makes this even better is it doesn't seem like this is a one-and-done thing from Big Grove. Partner & Sales Director at Big Grove, Chad Young, told KCRG, that they're already coming up with ideas for next year.

We’re going to have to kick around some ideas going into next year because you know I think the project continues with what Britt and Mikinzie are doing here.

Big Grove was able to donate $1,500 to Austin's Playground with the sales from Golden Boy. If you'd like to try a Golden Boy and help raise money and awareness for the Austin Smith Foundation, you can try them at the Big Grove location in Solon or Sally's on Broadway in Springville.

Iowa deserves a huge salute for all of the awareness that has been brought for kids who are dealing with various forms of sickness. From Austin's Playground, the Golden Boy beer, to the wave at Hawkeye games, which has brought awareness to the entire country, and everything in between... Iowa should be proud today.

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