The state of Iowa has been buzzing ever since the lady Hawkeyes beat Louisville this past Sunday (March 26) to advance to Final Four. This is the first time the University of Iowa women's basketball program has made a Final Four appearance in 30 years. It's obvious why Iowans are excited and have joined forces to support this team. They've been collecting big wins all season long and with all of that support comes a massive demand for, what could be considered historical, merchandise.

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KCRG reports the Iowa Hawk shop started selling Hawkeye Final Four merchandise immediately after the big win on Sunday and it's no surprise fans have already jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on hats and t-shirts to support the team. It was reported yesterday (March-27) that the store had already sold around 100 shirts online, which was pretty much their entire initial supply.

One of the University of Iowa's biggest money-making programs is the football team and last year the Hawk shop sold merchandise for the Music City Bowl, in which the program beat Kentucky. It looks like fans have completely rallied behind this basketball program as KCRG reports, workers at the Hawk shop say they've seen more interest in this Final Four appearance than they did in the football team's bowl appearance.

To be fair...that shouldn't come as a surprise. While the Music City Bowl is exciting and good for the program, this is the first Final Four appearance for this program in 30 years. It's easy to see why Iowans and fans of the team want to have their part in the team's success and show support.

If you'd like to grab some kind of Final Four merchandise from the Hawk shop, you'll want to act fast. The orders that took place on Sunday and Monday are being picked up today but the store does have more hats and shirts on the way. Jonathan Sevilla is the Co-Store manager and he told KCRG how exciting the entire thing is.

It’s exciting you know, now every time we get a new batch of orders and new stuff comes in the first thing we’re looking for now is to find our Iowa Hawkeyes and our Final Four gear.

You never know when a team is going to be good, great, or elite when it comes to sports. That's why we love them so much. This women's basketball team is currently playing at an elite level. They'll have to continue playing at that level as they take on South Carolina on Friday, March 31. SC is the only undefeated team left in the tournament.

Hopefully, we don't have to wait another 30 years to watch this program make it to the Final Four but you never know. If you'd like to grab some of this Final Four merchandise, I'd suggest not waiting if you get the opportunity.

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