MLB will be returning to Dyersville today for the second ever 'Field of Dreams' game.

Will it be able to measure up to last year's successful and memorable production? My big question is whether or not Kevin Costner will be making an appearance like he did last year.

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Kevin Costner, who played Ray Kinsella in 'Field of Dreams' was in attendance at the game in 2021. Costner's appearance was highly anticipated by baseball and movie fans. Rumors were swirling that the actor might throw out the first pitch. Some even speculated that he might throw it to his movie father, Dwier Brown.

Kris Ertl
Kris Ertl

Last year's opening of the game included a wonderful homage to the movie. Costner walked out of the corn onto the field and was followed closely behind by the Yankees and White Sox.

After this beautiful opening, the actor stepped up to give a touching speech about the meaning of this movie.

"On the other side of that corn we filmed a movie that stood the test of time. Tonight, thanks to that enduring impact that that little movie had, it's allowed us to come here again," the actor said.

After wishing the players good luck he kind of just...walked off the field. Kostner had a ball in his hand and was right there at the pitcher's mound!

So why didn't he throw the first pitch?

Did he just forget?

While many fans were ecstatic to see the movie star, some were wondering why he didn't throw the first pitch.

Costner had the same look on my face when I'm confidently walking in one direction, but realize that I actually should be going the other way.

Turns out, he was never meant to throw out the first pitch!

In an exclusive interview, Dwier Brown who played John Kinsella in the film said that Costner had absolutely no interest in throwing the first pitch.

"About a week and a half before the game MLB finally called me up and said, 'Hey, are you willing to throw out the first pitch?' The thought was then would be that I would throw the first pitch to Kevin."

Just like in the iconic end scene from the movie...

Brown waited and prepared for this big responsibility. Even on the day of the game, the actor thought he might be throwing the first pitch. When it came time for the first pitch and the game to begin, Brown was a bit perplexed.

"I was as mystified and confused as anybody else."

You can listen to that full interview here!

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