National Pet Day was April 11th, and we used the holiday as an excuse to see your adorable animals!

Back in 2020, I adopted my dog Tater Tot from Last Hope Animal Rescue. But, his name wasn't always Tater Tot. The name he had when I got him was Wade. I have nothing against the name Wade, but it just didn't suit him. I had a few ideas for what I wanted to change him name to, but I settled on Tater Tot. I figured I would start by calling him "Tate," which sounds similar to Wade, and we would go from there. Plus, I love food, and he kind of looks like a tater tot, doesn't he?


Tater Tot typically goes by just Tater, but he also has a slew of other nicknames: Toots, Tooter, Tater Toot, Bubba, Stinky Butt, Chicken Nugget, Snoozin' Susan, etc.

On National Pet Day this week, we asked listeners to share photos of their pets with us, and then tell us how they got their names. Some people kept the names their pets came with or picked something simply because it came to them, but others got a little more creative with the naming process! Here are some of the fun stories shared with us on Facebook:

Iowans Share the Stories Behind Their Pets' Names

In honor of National Pet Day on April 11th, we asked Iowans how their pets got their names! Here are some of their stories:

Gallery Credit: Courtlin

Does your pet's name have an interesting story behind it? We would love to hear about it! You can share it with us in the comments or by sending us a message on the station app!

Iowans Share Their Hilarious Pups for 'National Puppy Day'

In honor of National Puppy Day 2023, we asked Iowans to share a photo of their pup (ANY age) and tell us something funny that they do! Here are some of our favorites!

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