We all get a little shaken up when bills arrive. Energy costs fluctuate from season to season causing your gas and electric bills to occasionally spike. But one bill that is usually pretty consistent is your water bill. Sure it may go up or down a few dollars here and there, based on water usage. But one Iowa man was stunned when he got his December water bill...for $3,000.

That man is Dan Trerotola of Des Moines. KWWL reports that he had been paying around $180 a month for his water until he got a call from the Des Moines water department alerting him of the MUCH higher bill coming his way. Needless to say, it wasn't the holiday gift that he was expecting. KWWL says that Trerotola didn't pay too much attention to his water bills the past 19 months when they arrived. It turns out he should have. He missed one keyword. Estimate.

KWWL reports that the word 'estimate' is printed on the bill with another sentence asking Trerotola to call for repairs. Why didn't he call? Because his estimated bill was about the same as his normal water bill. He suspected that there might be a leak somewhere in his triplex, but never imagined that it would result in a huge bill. KWWL reports that the broken meter at his property didn't pick up on the increased usage until it was repaired last month.

Officials with the Des Moines water department tell KWWL that there are around 5,000 customers currently getting estimated bills. That is five times the usual number. Meter repairs have been tough to do due to COVID and getting parts due to supply chain issues. Both the water department and Trerotola suggest you do one simple thing. Read your bill carefully!

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