Temperatures are rising, bands are hitting the road and the 2024 festival season is ready to begin.

Historically, Coachella has signaled the start of America's yearly festivals, as influencers, wanna be actors and maybe even a few music fans head to Indio, California for one of the nation’s best known fests.

But though Coachella began life as a rock event (the inaugural year featured Rage Against the Machine, Tool and Beck), its lineup is now largely populated by pop, rap and electronic artists. So where are rock fans to turn for their festival fix?

Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic events still available to classic rock connoisseurs. Many of them offer legendary headliners alongside an array of up-and-coming acts (because, despite what some people think, rock is definitely not dead).

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Below we’ve highlighted 15 Music Festivals Classic Rock Fans Should Actually Care About. The collection runs the gamut of styles and sub-genres, with events ranging from single days to multiple weeks.

The list is an impressive reflection of festivals' continuing popularity, as there really are options for any kind of concert goer. Want a massive assembly of metal, featuring some of the loudest acts in the world? Perhaps a single-day flashback to the '80s is more your vibe? Or maybe you just want the chance to relax with some whiskey or wine while soaking in some laid back vibes? All of these options and more are at your disposal.

2024 Music Festivals

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