For the first time ever, iPhone sales fell short of expectations. Let that sink in for a moment. Apple has never had decreasing sales numbers for the iPhone. Never. Until now.

Now let's be clear about something. Apple's numbers released yesterday weren't great, but the company isn't going to fold next week. And quite frankly, they were going to have a tough time beating last year's sales numbers anyway. First-quarter iPhone sales in 2015 were an astounding 61.2 million. You can thank the iPhone 6 debuting in China for those sales numbers. First quarter 2016 was down 16% to 51.2 million. Despite the downturn, those numbers actually still beat Wall Street expectations.

Other Apple products didn't help pick up the slack during the first quarter. iPad and Mac sales were also both down double digits. Overall Apple's profits were down 22% and overall sales were down 13%. It marks the first double-digit sales decrease since the fall of 2001.

So as the iPhone goes, so goes Apple. I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure they're almost ready with the iPhone 7. People will line up for the newest model and all will be right again with the world. But what if that doesn't happen? Has Apple saturated the market? Has our desire for all things Apple reached its peak?


[via CNN]

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