So it's not yet Halloween and Eastern Iowa has already survived our first winter snow squall warning. After the August Derecho and the year-long Covid pandemic, it's no surprise to hear that weather experts are calling for a very long, cold winter. It's just what we might expect from 2020.

One of the worst things about winter weather is the way it can literally destroy your hands. Dry, cracked skin only gets worse with frequent hand washing, so I've asked five Iowa friends what they use, and recommend.

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They have nothing against the softer smooth Intensive Care brands or the Gold Bond lotions. But these five brands came out on top of the short list of what really works.

Iowa Men Swear By These Five Hand Lotions

  • My friend Dave is a family doctor who says his patients recommend Bag Balm
  • Warehouse workers like my friend Jeff swear by Working Hands
  • My buddy Ray always has work projects going in the garage. He loves Blue Emu
  • According to my cousin Charlie, there's nothing better than Cornhuskers Lotion
  • My union buddies all swear by the brand Bloody Knuckles

Let us know what is your favorite brand of men's hand lotion, and why you like it. And remember to stay safe this season. Get a flu shot and thanks for masking!

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