His movie has been #1 at the box office for three straight weeks. He recently hosted NBC-TV's Saturday Night Live and has been making the rounds of every popular daytime and night time TV talk show. He has women all over the world swooning at the sight of his mesmerizing gaze and rippling muscles.

So what does the biggest Hollywood star do when everything is going his way, and success has finally arrived?

He visits his Gramma in little ol' small town Iowa.

Jason Momoa, star of the blockbuster hit movie "Aquaman" was recently spotted at his favorite Iowa diner having a breakfast named after him, featuring biscuits and gravy.

His Gramma wasn't the only one there - Jason hosted the get together for over a dozen of family members at the Waveland Cafe in Des Moines.

This is my idea of a star: a person who doesn't forget their roots. Much like Ashton Kutcher and other famous Iowan celebrities, Jason obviously appreciates the ties that bind as much as I'm sure he enjoys the good life of fame and fortune.

[source: WHO-TV]

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