If you aren't familiar with the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, allow me to bring you up to speed on this important Iowa attraction.

The World Food Prize Hall of Laureates is a museum located in our capital, Des Moines, that is designed to recognize some of the amazing achievements in agriculture and fighting hunger. Very fitting it be in Iowa, right? The building is the former Des Moines Library.

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According to the site Atlas Obscura, the World Food Prize dates back to 1987. It was created by Dr. Norman Borlaug after the Nobel committee decided not to accept his idea of developing an award for contributions to the fight against hunger.

The World Food Prize is given to individuals who help in the fight against hunger. Each year, the winning recipient is honored and officially awarded their prize in Des Moines, with an award ceremony held at Iowa State Capitol a few blocks from the museum.

Each recipient is presented with a diploma, a commemorative sculpture, and a monetary award of $ 250,000. Each award winner is then more permintly honored at the Hall of Laureates with a plaque championing their achievements.


So what's missing from the highly celebrated World Food Prize Hall of Laureates? What is it that visitors will not find in a mesuem that celebrates all things food and the accomplishments of those who have aided in reducing hunger around the world?

Guests won't find a cafeteria. That's right, there's no place within the museum to grab a bite to eat.

But then again when you really think about it, would a place that honors those who've attempted to end hunger, really want to charge folks for a meal? It really wouldn't be the best look, would it? Probably not. The museum is in downtown Des Moines, and there are plenty of solid food options in the area.

For more about this neat Iowa museum, visit their website here.

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