Whether you believe in extra-terrestrial aliens or not, UFO sightings in Iowa are increasing. As drones become more sophisticated and prevalent, some UFO reports can be more easily explained, yet other sightings are still remarkable enough to keep us guessing.

The daytime UFO sighting from Cumming Iowa in the video below is simply baffling and bizarre. It shows a slowly moving object descending in the evening sky - at 1:44 into the video it looks to be intercepted by an investigating jet.

This series of startling photos was taken just days ago near Drake University, west of Des Moines, and show a group of strange airborne lights in various formations. While some say it is simply moonlight reflections in the clouds, others are not so sure.

UFO Sighting 08-16-19

Here is a live witness account from Friday August 16, 2019 when these photos were taken:

I left my shop in Urbandale headed south on 100th which turns into 35th street or Valley West Drive. When I was approaching the 235 east exit I noticed 3 unusual lights brightly glowing through the clouds and distorted by the clouds. I got on 235 east thinking that was strange so as I got toward 63rd I looked over again and I couldn’t tell how many there were but probably 15 minimum. Next time I really looked up was getting off the 7th street exit downtown Des Moines, there was nothing in the sky but clouds. This was all in about 10 minutes...I got home opened Facebook and in my news feed was a post from Arthur who posted several photos he took of the event from the Drake area. I immediately commented and contacted him. These photos are in the hands of Iowa MUFON investigators who are equally baffled.

This post of an Iowa UFO sighting is from video recorded in June 2018.

Now, imagine seeing an object like the ones shown above, live in the moment and in real time. Try to explain what you've seen without sounding like a bit of a kook. Then you'll know why some choose to believe!

So thank you to all those who have fearlessly stood up to report and share what they have experienced.

If you've had any UFO encounters, including stories, photos or video you'd like to share, contact us via the KRNA mobile app.

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