Iowa is full of rednecks. We're all redneck in some way, some in more ways than others. There's no reason to hide from it. Instead, we embrace it and laugh at ourselves.

Ours is a state full of bait shops, gun stores, and the place that we all seem to gravitate to... Walmart. It doesn't get much more redneck than that. Just look around when you're in the store and there's no arguing that.

The Hawkeye state is filled with country music lovers. There's plenty of "redneck" titles, and we love 'em all. Songs like "Huntin,' Fishin', and Lovin' Everyday" (Luke Bryan), "Redneck Crazy" (Tyler Farr), "Redneck Yacht Club" (Craig Morgan), "Boys Round Here" (Blake Shelton), "Hicktown" (Jason Aldean), and countless others speak to us. We're rednecks, and proud of it.

These 10 Iowa cities shouldn't be upset they're considered the most redneck in the entire state. Nope, the rest of us are all envious.