You know you have them. Those items which, despite how much lower-priced they may be, you REFUSE to deviate from your preferred brand.

Toilet paper, toothpaste, maybe even ketchup or spaghetti sauce. For me, it's bath soap and body wash.

Tell us what yours are. The product you absolutely refuse to buy "off-brand" or generic. As you can see below, people have their preferences and we'd like you to weigh in with yours.

Michelle Bovée mac & cheese, need to get Kraft if you want good stuff & always Puffs or Kleenex tissues; store brand are so rough.

Kim Bergman Mac and cheese.

Dan Brannan Mac & Cheese - Kraft, Velveeta, or Cracker Barrel only

Jaclyn Woodhouse Nowotny Kraft Mac & Cheese 

Christi Pacha Mac and cheese lol

Ginny Stroschein Miracle Whip 

Karen Kilts Kraft mayo only

Michelle Wood Mayonnaise

Kami Jo Upah Oreos, peanut butter, slice cheese

Kelsey Sund Oreos!

Julie Games Ketchup and mac n cheese! Heinz and kraft only!

You're already seeing a few patterns, aren't you?  Don't skimp on the Miracle Whip, mayo, tissues or Mac & Cheese according to our listeners. Peanut butter and Q-Tips were biggies also. Click on the post or leave a comment below and weigh in with your thoughts.

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