Room temperature Busch Light is the best way to drink it. Yes, you read that right.

A friend of mine was visiting my house the other day and was shocked to see a case of Busch Light sitting on the ground next to my refrigerator. He asked why I didn't put them in the fridge and the answer was a simple one--I like them at room temperature. Unless you have your heat on to 100 degrees, they really don't get that warm. Keep in mind, I am saying room temperature, I'm not saying warm beer. That's gross.

If beer is too cold, I feel like it masks the flavor. All you really taste or more importantly feel is a cold liquid going into your mouth. It leaves it feeling thin or even having less taste to me.

Most people I've talked to about this think I'm insane, which is fair, but did you know this isn't as uncommon as you might think?

Plenty of European countries enjoy their beer at "cellar temperature," according to Black Tail NYC. England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland prefer beer this way. According to Kings of Brewing, cellar temperature is a little cooler than room temperature.

Home Brewers Association says, "all beers should be served between 38-55 degrees and stronger beers should be served a bit warmer than weaker beers." They also mention American Mainstream Light Lagers should be served at around 33-40 degrees.

I normally have my house temperature somewhere in the 60s. If you keep all of the aluminum cans together in the box, they do just fine at keeping themselves refrigerated. I think of it like ice in a cooler. If ice was out in the sun, it would melt pretty quickly. When it's in a cooler, the ice is compacted together and keeps itself at a cooler temperature, which helps it last longer. If you have a bunch of cold aluminum cans pushed together, they do just fine at maintaining a cooler temperature.

Co-Host of the K Country Morning Show, Kerri Mac, and I asked the question on the air this morning "are there foods or drinks you enjoy differently than most people?" Here's what listeners had to say:

Here are some of our favorites:

Shelley G doesn't heat up her ravioli. She eats it right from the can.

Danielle C sorts her M&M's by color and eats them separately.

Rhonda H puts sugar in her chili. This one doesn't sit well with me. I love chili the way it is.

Ruth M enjoys saltine crackers crushed up in a bowl and then pours milk over them. Doesn't that sound like saltine cracker cereal?

Sara H dips her Doritos in applesauce. I don't like applesauce so this was a big no for me.

Can you believe Debbie F will not eat ranch dressing? Ranch is practically gold in Iowa.

Next time you buy a case of Busch Light try setting it down next to the fridge instead of putting inside of it. Also, after you're done enjoying your brews you can pee in the cans--seriously.

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