Police say an Iowa woman is being charged with attempted murder after she said she ran over a teenager in a racist attack, simply because she believed the teen was Mexican.

Let's take a minute to re-read that first paragraph, and then let's discuss what the hell is wrong with people.

CBS 2 News reports

Clive (Iowa) Police Chief Mike Venema said Friday during a news conference that Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, admitted to steering her SUV onto a sidewalk on Dec. 9 in the suburban Des Moines community and running over the teenager, who was walking to school to watch a basketball game. Franklin then fled the scene.

Franklin made several derogatory statements about Latinos during a police interview in which she admitted she intentionally ran over the teenager, police said.

Do you believe this type of behavior and attitude is growing stronger in the USA?

If so, why? And what can we do as a society to stop it from getting worse?

It all starts at home and what we teach our kids about the fundamentals of dignity, integrity and respect.

These are time-honored virtues that seem to be slipping away.

Sadly today there are those whose practice ideas of "anything goes" attitudes, that include intolerance, prejudice and small minded thinking.

We're better than this, aren't we?

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