Gertrude Hemphill celebrated her 108th birthday this week. She was born on August 19th, 1912. She grew up in Walker/Toddville and worked at the Sykora bakery in Cedar Rapids as a teen.

Gertrude was married to Gerald Hemphill for almost 63 years. They have 9 children and 137 grandchildren. She loves horses and is a huge fan of the WWE. I spoke with her granddaughter, Andrea Joyner, earlier this week.

Andrea told me, "We took her to her first live WWE event when she was 102. She said it looked more fake in person than what she expected. We all had a blast and it's a fond memory we will all remember for the rest of our lives!"

Gertrude has told other family members there is no secret to living this long. She said, "I've lived a simple life, living on a farm and working hard. I never drank or smoked and I always took the stairs even after I was 100-years-old."

Gertrude still does laps around the house and washes the dishes everyday. As a matter of fact, she even did them on her birthday! Gertrude lives in Holland, Iowa with her oldest daughter and enjoys a very good life.

Andrea Joyner
Andrea Joyner

I think this is awesome and finally some good news for us to celebrate. It's been a long year, but stories like this make me smile and I hope it did for you as well.

From all of us here at the radio station, happy birthday Gertrude Hemphill. Have an awesome "birthday month!"

Because after 108 years, you truly deserve it.

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