Get ready for a blast of winter coming soon with "teeth chattering cold" and lots of snow.

Sounds delightful. That's the word for Iowa this winter from the Farmer's Almanac.

But other sources say "chill out" on those Snowmageddon doom and gloom of predicitons. The Des Moines Register points out the fact that the other almanac - the "Old Farmers Almanac" - says Iowa will be warm and wet in late 2018 through early 2019.

So maybe it's just a case of which publication predicts the temperature range more accurately.

Perhaps the real question is...which do you prefer? A cold snow or mild and just wet?

Better yet, how does a warm, wet winter affect you? Not many prefer a cold, snowy forecast but if it is blistering cold, how does that affect your mood?

Seasonal Affected Disorder is a real condition that impacts many of us. Some cope using meditation, logic, diet and exercise to modify attitudes by embracing the special nature of shorter darker days.

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