The thought of buying a used car in 2022 is alarming. Unless you really need a car, this is not a great time to be looking. The cost of a used car has increased by 37% from December 2020 to December 2021.

Used car inventory is low and many dealers are offering above Kelley Blue Book value to get 'em, as you've likely heard on the radio. With that in mind, if you are in the market for a used car, or even if you're not, here is a question: how far would you travel to find the one you want?

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I ask because there is a new study from Quantrell Subaru that reveals just how far Iowans would go to grab a good used vehicle, which shows we'd drive a whopping 417 miles to find a worthy used auto.

Photo by Parker Gibbs on Unsplash
Photo by Parker Gibbs on Unsplash

To put that in perspective, that's about the exact distance from Cedar Rapids to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Think about that for a second, we'd head two states over to get a used car. Hope you have a friend to drive you because if you really need a car, I doubt you're getting there in your own vehicle.

Iowans aren't the only group willing to travel

Other states respondents said they'd travel even further. Alaskans, no surprise I'm sure, lead the way with their willingness to travel 722 miles. Alaska is both massive in size, and a non-continental state. New Mexicans said they'd travel 700 miles while Hawaii, our other non-continental state, came in third with the resident's willingness to drive 622 miles.

How far would you go for a decent used vehicle? I hope you find one close to home if you're out there looking!

See the miles the residents of each state would travel here.

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