We all have places to go. People to see. Restaurants to eat at, etc. But, there's no one that loves following all driving laws. Stoplights are a waste of time when there's no cross traffic. 4-way stop signs are confusing and test our 'Iowa Nice' patience. Round-a-bouts... well actually, I love round-a-bouts. But I seem to be in a minority there. While most of those driving necessities are at times annoying, almost no one struggles to observe them. But there's one pesky little driving law that it seems most area motorists really struggle to follow... using their blinker.

Overall, Iowans are the worst at using turn signals

Iowans don't use blinkers. Not when we're turning, or switching lanes. Sadly, it's not just one idiot's opinion, it's been studied. A Kars4kids driving study from a couple of years back looked into this phenomenon. They ranked Iowa dead last in use of the blinker. They gave out grades in their study, and Iowa was the only state to score an 'F'. Does this mean we all need to retake driver's ed? I mean it's bad, but at least we didn't hit any cones.

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So Iowans get an 'F' in signaling, but how'd other nearby states do? Fellow Midwestern states like Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri also ranked low, they still didn't get a failing grade. The only other state that was close to sucking as bad with signaling is Rhode Island.

Why don't we signal in Iowa? Do we find it unnecessary? Or is not signaling just an annoying Iowa habit? Maybe it's a combo of all the above depending on the situation.

Here's the full map with each state's letter grade:


See the full article from Kars4kids here. It includes other driving stats and grades.

I'm guilty of not signaling too

What's the expression? Let he who is without sin... something stone? I often, um, forget to signal as well. I'm as guilty as anyone else. But my excuse, I'm a transplant from Minnesota just looking to fit in. Who doesn't want to fit in, right?

What do you think? Am I way off? Are Iowans not the worst offenders? Let me know.

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