Okay, DO NOT cheat. Don't. Ruins the fun. I have the one Iowa trivia question no one knows. I mean, once you read this you will because I'll give you the answer. But here's my promise: it's not overly obscure. "What was the population in Iowa on June 1, 1966..." no, no. It's a solid, very fair trivia question. And without cheating, you won't know the answer.

An Iowa trivia question you won't know (without cheating)

Before I ask you the $10,000 (in Monopoly money) question, here are a few you should know the answer to:

  • QUESTION 1: What is the state bird of Iowa, appointed in 1933?
  • QUESTION 2: Iowa native, Otto Rohwedder, first invented the prototype of this type of THIS machine in 1917, only for it to be destroyed in a fire. What machine was it?
  • QUESTION 3: Which area was the site of the tragic plane crash involving music icons Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper?
  • QUESTION 4: Iowa is the only American state bordered by two navigable rivers. Which are these rivers?

Got 'em, right?

  • ANSWER 1: American goldfinch
  • ANSWER 2: Bread-slicing machine
  • ANSWER 3: Clear Lake
  • ANSWER 4: Missouri River & Mississippi River

Okay, easy enough, right? I think, assuming you got those correct, that you're ready for the hard one. the one no Iowan knows... without cheating. Let's get to it and, good luck. The question is below.

Welcome to Iowa sign
Getty ImagesHow many Iowa towns begin with a "Z"?

So, first a quick fact: the letter "Z" is the least used letter in the English language. Yes, less than "X" or "Q". With that in mind...

  • Impossible question: How many Iowa towns begin with a "Z"?

You don't know, do you? Mmm. Did you guess? Did you cheat? You did cheat, didn't you? Well for those who did not Google it... the answer is below.


How many Iowa cities start with a "Z"... TWO

  • Zearing
  • Zwingle

Zearing sports a population of only 554 while Zwingle has a mere 91 as of a recent census. And now, you know the answer. Ask a friend or family member if they know. You'll feel super smart when you answer it.

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