An anonymous Iowa donor believes the message of a new movie is so important everyone needs to watch it. They feel so strongly about it, they're providing free tickets to anyone who wants to go see it in one central Iowa town.

The movie is the new Tom Hanks film, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." It's based on true events in the life of Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers), a friendship formed with magazine writer Tom Junod, and a story Junod wrote in the late 90s. You can find the magazine story here, HOWEVER, if you haven't seen the movie yet, please don't click it.

The 'Secret Santa' is working their magic in the town of Webster City, which sits along Highway 30, north of Ames, in central Iowa. The man purchased enough tickets to allow anyone admittance to one of the film's eight showings when it opens on December 20. The theater seats more than 200 people.

The donor told KCCI,

It's always good to give back. In this instance, the sincerest hope is that it's the catalyst that starts more acts of kindness. If you can take nothing else away from this, be inspired to be kind to one another.


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