While each year presents unique challenges, it seems since the COVID pandemic upended 2020, we've been dealing with more extreme issues. From, well, a pandemic, to gas prices, employee shortages, and a Russian-led war in Ukraine.

Each of these has resulted in new, unique challenges and hardships. As we head towards the biggest 11-day festival in Iowa, the award-winning Iowa State Fair, the 2022 edition could very well be the most difficult year for the fair yet.

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As KCRG is reporting, these challenges have many people concerned. With the fair only 30 days away, there are many vendors, exhibits, and attractions that have not secured enough workers yet.

Iowa State Fair --Courtlin/TSM

Rising food prices are also a major issue hurdle. While vendors plan their options months in advance and even order supplies early, costs are still up significantly from 2021. Vendors still look for a chance to turn a profit, and as a result, consumers may have to pay more for food in some cases.

In 2020, the Iowa State Fair was canceled due to COVID. The 2021 edition saw lower attendance than the record-breaking 2019 fair did, but revenue was still up over 2019 as around $100 million total was spent.

How the 2022 fair will shake out remains to be seen, as the challenges faced by those working the fair this year echo what business owners and employers all around the state and country are experiencing.

Are you planning to attend the fair this year? Get ready if you are, the 2022 Iowa State Fair runs from August 11 until August 21 in Des Moines!

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