Ahhh, Wikipedia. The greatest non-usable in an educational setting source on earth. Wikipedia is a website where you can research everything from historical figures to the fork. There's a page for pretty much anything, and the user-edited site even has a page for each state's sports teams.

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This page covers all levels from minor league to college to the pros. And, that's where according to Wikipedia, Iowa has ONE professional team. Or perhaps, one professional troll.

Iowa: a state of professional cuddlers?

So on Wikipedia, if you cruise on over to the "Sports teams from Iowa" page, you'll see a detailed and comprehensive list of the teams that play here in the Hawkeye State. From the RoughRiders and Black Hawks in hockey to all Hawkeye and ISU teams. But what really stands out is there's a short blurb at the top of the page that references a pro sports team in Iowa that leads the nation. Did you know we have one? I didn't either... but apparently, according to the user-edited site, we lead the U.S. in cuddling.

Iowa is known for professional cuddling? via Wikipedia
Iowa is known for professional cuddling? via Wikipedia

Hm, here's a closer look.

Via Wikipedia
Via Wikipedia

Now the real question is, could this be accurate? I mean, it's on Wikipedia so it has to be, right? Yes, that was an attempt at humor. Notice there's no link to click, no source listed, and if you go to the page, you'll see there's zero mentions of "cuddling" beyond the silly line highlighted above.

You can find pro cuddlers in Iowa

Oddly enough, there is such a thing as a "professional cuddler". The website Cuddle Comfort shows several pro cuddlers in Iowa. Hm. Who knew? I wonder what makes them pros, what team they play for, what the salary is, how you coach them, and where they go to train. So, so many questions. Also, can you swap out a person and cuddle with a big, fluffy dog? Asking for a friend.

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