Women's Equality Day is coming up this Sunday, August 26th. How is Iowa doing in this area?

Hopefully in the near future we won't need a designated day to raise awareness of the need for better women's equality in the United States, but for now, WalletHub has tracked our progress as of 2018.

Their "Best and Worst States for Women's Equality" survey was determined by 16 key metrics including salaries of men vs. women executives and the unemployment rates for men and women. They also included the politcal representation gap, work hours gap, and of course, the income gap, where Vermont topped the list with the smallest income gap between men and women.

Great news for Iowa, we were ranked the third best state in the midwest, 14th overall in the country, on these factors of women's equality! Minnesota came in 2nd, North Dakota was 8th, Illinois 11th, Wisconsin 16th, Michigan 22nd, Nebraska 27th, Missouri 33rd South Dakota 37th, and Kansas 39th.

Who made the Top 5?

  1. New York
  2. Minnesota
  3. Maine
  4. Nevada
  5. Hawaii
Source: WalletHub

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